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Click to enlargeQuortech IPT 9100 Int'l Payphone

The constantly changing marketplace calls for the IPT9100 International Pay Telephone Series. Featuring built-in smart microprocessor technology, the IPT9100 offers enhanced user-friendliness by providing multilingual voice prompts and flexible payment options. Calls can be placed using coins, tokens, credit or prepaid cards with the optional card reader. The IPT9100 incorporates advanced coin handling technology that maximizes your revenue with more accurate coin acceptance and slug rejection. Call completions will increase as a result of less oin jams.

Internal call rating (tariff) tables give complete independence from the Exchange lines equipped with rating pulse generators. This enables the IPT 9100 Series to be installed in any location where a subscriber line with answer supervision in the form of loop polarity reversal or 12 or 16 kHz signal pulses, is available.

Remote control and diagnostics are provided by QuorTech Solutions' PollQuest™ payphone network manager installed in the customers administration offices. PollQuest™ uses the telephone lines to link to each payphone by means of a standard Hayes compatible modem. This link allows payphones to report alarms, operational status, and cashbox information to PollQuest™. PollQuest™, in turn, can poll the payphones and download tariff tables and other operational parameters automatically or manually.

The IPT 9100 Series pay telephones are totally modularized, which makes them easy to install and maintain. All equipment failures can be isolated to specific modules that can then be replaced with known functional modules. Field repair and maintenance is limited to module changes and occasional cleaning.

The IPT 9100 Series pay telephones are line powered and operate with any standard Exchange line that provides reverse loop polarity, or 12 or 16 KHz charging pulses to indicate that the call was answered (answer supervision). The payphones can be configured to process free emergency numbers, information numbers (time or weather, for example), local, toll, and International calls..

Key Operational Features: Equipped with a full set of tariff tables for local, national toll, special services and international calls, with three discount periods for evening, weekends, and holidays. Dialing towards the Exchange can be pulse or tone, software selectable. Uses audible voice and tone prompts to guide the user throughout the call.

Key Electrical Features: Line powered. Loop polarity sensor to detect reverse polarity answer supervision signals Built-in frequency counter to detect 12 and 16 KHz signal pulses. Software counters for tracking coin totals (by denomination), type of calls, and statistics Built-in modem to communicate with PollQuest™. PollQuest™ can download configuration options, registers, and tariff tables to the payphone. Alarms, call records, and tariffs can be uploaded from the payphone to PollQuest™. On-site programming using voice telemetry and the keypad.

Key Mechanical Features: Housing is reinforced steel construction, with a high-security lock. Plug-in modular construction of all sub-assemblies allows easy maintenance. Hookswitch and keypad subassemblies are highly resistant to vandalism, one million operations MTBF. Handset made of Lexan(1) with flexible spiral stainless armored steel cord reinforced by steel rope. Optional Large coin version comes with 1.7-liter cashbox

Options: Volume control button. Coin box alarm switch. 2 x 16 LCD or VFD display

Specifications: Dimensions: 21 x 7.625 x 6 inches. Weight: 45 Pounds. Mounts to a standard pedestal/enclosure using a standard mounting back plate

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