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We received our payphone quickly and had some difficulty installing it. A couple of phone calls back and forth with PayphoneHelp.Com and the phone was in... The phone support is excellent!! Thanks Guys! Valerie G. - through Yahoo! Shopping

  • How do I get my phone up and running?
  • What's a Rate File and Programming?
  • How do I install my phone?
  • Do I need a line from the phone company?
  • What's the difference between New and Pre-Owned?
  • How do I make $ on 1-800#s?
  • After Warranty Support (Fee Based)
  • How much $$$ can I make?
  • What about the Return & Warranty Exchange Policies?
  • How do I place my order?
  • Who provides the payphone?
  • More about the Desktop Coin Payphones!

  • How do I get my phone up and running?

    There are 3 basic requirements for installing your Smart Payphone:

  • We program your phone with an FCC approved Rate File
  • You install with the help of simple Install Instructions.
  • You or your phone company connects the line.

  • These steps are further explained in the following sections.

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    What's a Rate File and Programming?

    It's called a Smart Phone because it has a circuit board inside that has to be Programmed with a Rate File custom made for your area code and phone number.

    This Rate File is made up of over 750 area codes and exchanges organized around your home area code. It directs the caller through specific voice prompts.

    This is how it works:

    1. The Caller dials the number.
    2. The smart board recognizes the area code and calculates the charge.
    3. The "voice prompt" instructs the customer to deposit coins.

    The payphone knows when a customer is making a local call for $.35 to $.50, or a long distance call that requires from $1.50 to $2.25 for each 3 minutes.

    (Note: Your phone is adjustable. The above Rates are used for example purposes only.)

    Around 30 seconds prior to the end of the call, the voice prompt instructs the caller to deposit additional coins for additional time. Unless additional coins are deposited the call is terminated.

    Rate Files can be adjusted over the phone line by one of our technicians once your phone is installed.

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    How do I install my phone?

    Your phone is tested, initialized, and pre-programmed prior to shipment. It arrives ready to hang on the wall and plug into the phone line.

    Smart Commercial Pay Phone: Installation involves two basic steps.

    1. Place the phone on the wall or pedestal.
    2. Connect the line with dial tone to payphone.

    Complete instructions are included with your payphone. Thousands of customers, with the aid of our FREE Installation Guide, have performed the installation themselves. A handyman should be able to do the job in less than an hour.

    Commercial Smart Payphones are supplied and warrantied by Communication Connection. Help is available Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P. M. Eastern Time at 1-850-925-1100. Installation Support and Technical assistance is on a first come first serve basis. Although work orders are usually answered immediately. During peak hours there may be some delay.

    Desktop Coinphone: The Desktop Payphones simply plug into the existing phone jack, sometimes referred to as an RJ11 hookup, the standard plastic plug-in we're all familiar with at home or the office.

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    Do I need a special line from the phone company?

    You might. State P.U.C. regulations** may specify that the Private Pay Phone be connected to a special telephone line.

    Although designated as a payphone line, the cost is usually about the same as a business line.

    Local phone companies in different parts of the country use differnt names for these lines. This type of line is variously referred to as a COPT, COCOT, or PAL line. Smart Payphones use COPT which stands for Customer Owned Pay Telephone or COCOT which stands for customer owned coin operated telephone and PAL which stands for Public Access Line.

    In addition, the selected line should have a feature that prohibits operator assisted calls being charged to it. This feature should only allow direct dialing charges to be charged to the line. (e.g. Reverse charges, 3rd party charges, and collect calls to the payphone should not be allowed.) Check with your local telephone company to make sure that your line has such a feature.


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    Should I get NEW or Refurbished?

    What's a Pre-owned Payphone?

    Our factory trained technicians begin with the Circuit Board Chassis inside your payphone. We use the latest technology from Protel, Elcotel, or Ernest Telecom, the leading manufacturer in the U.S.A. We then disassemble and inspect all components, including the circuit board chassis, coin mech, relay, etc. All components are cleaned and tested to insure their proper functioning. The Cleaning process is completed with the reassembly and testing of all components. The result is a very clean payphone.Solid Value!

    What is Refurbished?

    The Refurbished Products also use the latest circuit board chassis. These phones get an even more extensive makeover. Additional steps are taken to bring them to a "Like New" condition. They get New faceplates and handsets. The housing is sprayed with a fresh coat of tough payphone paint. The result is a payphone that comes out looking and functioning like a new payphone. Great Value!

    What is New Housing & Components?

    These payphones consist of All New Payphone Housings and Components that carry our standard two (2) year warranty. We use the latest reconditioned technology from Protel, Elcotel, or Ernest Telecom, the leading manufacturers in the U.S.A. Exceptional Value!

    What's New Payphone?

    New payphones consist of All New Payphone Housings, Components, and Smart Circuit Board Chassis and carry the manufacturer's two (2) year warranty. All smart technology comes from Protel, Elcotel, or Ernest Telecom, the leading manufacturers of payphones. Top Value!

    Prior to shipment our technicians Test, Initialize, and Program your payphone with the proper Rate File. We do everything possible to help make installation quick, simple and and successful.

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    How do I make $ on 1-800#s?

    Dial Around Compensation (DAC) - is income generated by the payphone customer dialing 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866, etc.

    How do I as the payphone owner get paid?

    When a payphone customer uses a calling card by dialing an 800 number, your Local Exchange Carrier (LEC), Verizon, Ameritech, SBC, or Bell South tags the outgoing call. Every 3 months the APCC collects $.48 per call from the long distance card suppliers, like AT&T, Sprint, or MCI. This money is then paid to the payphone owner in one lump sum.

    For DAC, contact the American Public Communications Council (APCC) directly at:

    APCC Services
    Dial Around Department
    10302 Eaton Place, Suite 340
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    Ph: 1-800-868-2722

    The APCC will arrange for you to receive a quarterly commission check sent directly to your address.

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    After Warranty Support (Fee Based)

    PayphonesHelp.Com offers a full line of parts and repair services on most brands of payphones. Cost of these services may vary.

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    How much $$$ can I make?

    Experience in the past shows that Small bars and restaurants can average between $80 to $200 monthly. Outdoor locations can be in the $200 to $400 per month range. Convenience stores may average around $150 to $300.

    Witn more and more people using cell phones these numbers can change over time.*

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    Warranty & 30 Day Return Policy Made Simple!

    If you have a problem with your new or refurbished Smart Phone, during the first 30 days, you can get an advance replacement for the product or component. No waiting for repair

    You may also return your purchase for a refund during the first thirty (30) from date of purchase. You must call and obtain a Return Authorization Number (RMA). The product must be returned in original packaging and with all components included. A thirty (30) percent restocking fee will accrue. Shipping and custom programming fees will not be refunded.

    We ask all of our customers, especially our New Customers, to read the warranty page before placing their first order. Thank You.

    We do not provide telephone or email tech support on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.

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    How do I place my order?

    You can order online through the shopping cart provided. We accept MasterCard, Visa, or Prepay by Check. We also ship UPS COD on some products for a small additional fee.

    Note: All payphones are shipped via UPS

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    Who provides the payphone?

    There are three basic ways to have payphone service in your business. First, the local phone company, second, a private vendor, and third you own it yourself.

    Local Phone Company: It's getting harder and harder to get the local phone company to put a payphone in your business. And even if they do put one they rarely pay you a commission. In fact they often charge you a monthly fee and they keep all the money.

    Private Vendors: Honest vendors can be a good solution. They'll usually put the phone in for free and pay you a small percentage of the monthly revenue, somewhere between 10% and 30% on average. Business owners often complain about giving someone 90% of the revenue. When you own the payphone you keep 100%!

    You Own It: Owning a payphone is simple. Depending on the style of payphone you choose, Desktop Coinphone or Bell Style, the installation and upkeep is usually simple. Once you've decided on the type of payphone your business needs, you can order online.

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    More about the Desktop Coin Payphones!

    Desktop Coin Payphone:The "Desktop Coin Phone" is perfect for the "can I borrow your phone for a quick call" request. It's inexpensive, sits on the counter. The coin phone takes incoming calls normally, and protects your phone line. It works well for local bars, restaurants, hair salons, and many other small businesses.

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    Monthly income figures are based on evaluating several thousand locations. Your actual revenue may vary.

    All payphones are FCC Approved. Please check with state and local authorities regarding any additional payphone rules in your area.

    All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee and loss of shipping, rate file, and programming charges.

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